About Us

Scrapemates are based in North Somerset and were born out of our

founders passion for making and creating fun, quirky and unusual gifts.

The Scrapemate Story

Scrapemates started life as a piece of garden slate...

Challenged by her husband to do something with a left over bag of plumb

slate, our founder Maria rose to the challenge and brought the slate to life

with googly eyes!

When she accidentally scratched her table with the slate it gave her the 

inspiration for its use and the first scrapemate was born!

Not looking back with 1000's sold scrapemates have now evolved into a

bright colourful family of scratchcard scrapers with a choice of 6 fun

characters all available in each of the 4 different colours.

The Scrapemate debate! Coin vs Scrapemate?

In our ever changing world we are fast becoming a cashless society and you

often don't have a coin when you need one. Scrapemates solve that 



They are slim enough to slide inside a purse or wallet so

you always have a scraping tool to hand ready and waiting to scrape off 

your next scratchcard.


They make a great keepsake for any scratchcard lover or

the perfect gift for the person who has it all.

Scrapemates are an ideal alternative to that elusive boring coin!

So don't delay buy yours today and put the fun and luck into scraping off your next scratchcard.

MEET THE CHARACTERS to find out more!

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